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Supermarket was born from the initiative of two independent producers and filmmakers working internationally in the documentary field since more than ten years. It was born from the recognition that the films we make can have more financial possibilities, a longer life, a larger outreach and most important real impact by reaching out to the many social bodies, institutions, private sponsors, NGOs that share our goal: have an impact on society, help to value and improve life and make change happen.

In a newly shaped global “all media online” world a great film alone cannot reach out and have the same effect it had 20 years ago: it risks to become one media product among thousands per minute! Through a great team of creative and experienced minds in the film production business, Supermarket works with producers and filmmakers to elaborate film campaigns, outreach programs and alternative theatrical distributions by bringing NGOs, private sponsors, broadcasters, independent distributors and institutions together to support and allow our films to have a real chance to provoke, reach out and have impact!

All our campaigns are based on the principle that we want to be the best allies of the filmmaker and producer throughout the whole intense process of creating, financing and distributing a film, focusing on social issues, environment and sustainability in particular.

Our goal is to extend ambition, push creatively projects forward while opening new financial horizons and alternative outreach and distribution options, to be one of the factors that uplifts a film project from the start, giving it’s right weight and impact.


Our involvement in an international documentary film can start from the very development, accompanying producer and film maker in the development, the writing process as advisors and impact producers, shaping the international proposal, creating marketing and presentation strategies, outreach and campaign outlines. Both for international TV markets and other financing options in other sectors, as well as web/online options including crowdfunding initiatives and potential sponsorships.


We develop outreach strategies and campaigns for projects in development as well as in late stage of productions, always focusing on feature documentaries with theatrical potential and educational value. We connect NGOs and institutions alongside the project to create effective outreach initiatives, impact possibilities and educational packages. Supermarket always aims to finance these actions independently from the film budget.


We link outreach campaigns, their financing and organization around the possibility of an independent and event-based international theatrical distribution partnering with independent distributors, networks and associations to bring our projects to cinema in a different way, reaching a wider and motivated audience, eager to participate into an impact event, a campaign where the film is at the center and options to take action and participate are always around it.

In Production

Documentary, 90 minutes, international co-production

Along with Amp Film Sweden and Boekamp & Kriegsheim Germany, we develop and coordinate the campaign for the theatrical documentary „The Borneo Case“.

In Production

Documentary, 80 minutes

Along with rbb ARTE and Boekamp & Kriegsheim Germany, we develop and coordinate the campaign for the event documentary „Same Same But Different“.

In Production

Documentary, 90 minutes

Feature doc and web series will be presented at the Masterschool Doc Campus 2014 in Leipzig by Vivian Schröder (producer) and Nils Bökamp (director). Supermarket will team up to present the first ideas of brand cooperation for this adventure road movie.
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